Our experts have solved complex business problems for clients across all kinds of industries. And as our clients continue to grow, we grow with them.

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strategy and consulting.

At KIS, we’re addicted to developing simple and effective strategies to solve complex business problems.

Our teams of technology, business, and design experts specialize in assessing complicated technology scenarios and coming up with intuitive people-focused solutions.

As a strategic partner, we'll formulate plans and guide you through the paths of traction and scale, keeping your company up to date with the latest technologies and providers.

build squads and scale.

Often, tech-related challenges are so complicated that businesses don’t even know how to begin to address them.

Setting up technology teams to meet these challenges is hard, and scaling those teams is even harder.

Let KIS take care of it.

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data management.

Database redesigns, data migration, conversion, analysis, database consolidation, and more…

KIS has performed data migration for corporations with vast amounts of data, including entries in the billions.

By storing information from different sources on the same basis, it becomes part of the same environment, allowing your company to take a holistic view of your data and strategize around it.

This cost-effective and high-performance process paves the way for business intelligence applications and valuable marketing insights.

machine learning models.

Use AI algorithms and data to improve the accuracy of your analysis and make better predictions that impact your business’s decision-making processes.

We use model feedback strategies with cloud automation to constantly capture new data and perform BigData ingestions for analysis, variable correlations, and impacts on the machine learning models.

Sound complicated? It can be. But we make it look easy.

web services development.

By simplifying, optimizing, and automating complex processes and routines through technology, we turn complex business problems into actionable solutions.

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