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internship program 2023.
Our internship program enrollment has ended!

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we care about people at KIS.

diversity & inclusion

At KIS, we are against any prejudice or discrimination. We support a diverse work environment that can include different people with the same goal: to learn and grow collaboratively as technology professionals delivering the best solutions! Gender, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity/race, social class, religion, and no other diversity define professional ability.

lunch and learn

As the name says, the idea is for us to learn something while we have a snack. The goal is to share knowledge and have a moment of integration with everyone in a relaxed and productive environment. These events happen every month and the idea is that everyone will be able to share and host a presentation on a topic they master or enjoy.

journey through our hiring process.


alignment form

A short form we use to better understand your technical experience, interests and other issues that aren't always so clear on your CV! This is an important step for us to identify any points that need alignment before moving on to the next steps.


interview with people team

A conversation with our People Team to get to know you more in depth about what matters most for the good progress of the work! No overly personal or unnecessary questions, just what we really need to know.


technical evaluation

This is a programming test carried out together with developers from KIS itself, to assess your technical level.


talk with project leader

At this point, the project leader explains more details about the context of the project and the job, in addition to meeting you personally to see if there is a match with the team's style.



With the People Peam and the team itself, you can find out about everything you need to know about the company and the project to start your work here with us well. We have a structured onboarding program so that nothing is lost and you have all the support you need for that moment.

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front, back & full stack

Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer

Ruby, Rails framwork, front-end (any language), deploy proccess.

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data & support

quality assurance

business & project management

people operations

People Operations Analyst

Prior work experience running HR processes, Advanced English, Excellent Communication

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