Getting In-Sync: KIS Designs a CRM App That Does More Than Data Capture


In 2017, a high-end cosmetics company realized its stores in Mexico were throwing valuable data down the drain. Without a reliable way to track consumer information, they were losing potential sales and missing out on building lasting relationships with their customer base. The company needed its own user-friendly data-capturing solution, designed to meet its exact business needs, which could be implemented across its stores. That's when they turned to KIS.




8 Months


Java, Spring Boot, APIs, Angular

The Challenge

This client came to KIS with one goal in mind – to stop losing consumer data.  

They had already tried writing down customer information on paper, but the process was unwieldy and did not allow between-store communication.  

Next, they tried an in-house CRM software, but it proved too complex and restrictive. The application interface was clunky and complicated, and the sync-to-cloud function was manual, so the stores had no way of knowing if the data entered into the system was even up-to-date.

In the end, only a few stores even bothered to use the software. Meanwhile, valuable customer data was steadily falling through the cracks.

They needed an easy-to-use in-house solution that would allow the company to keep track of data across stores. Beyond that, they were open to ideas.

The Solution: A Mobile-Based CRM

Capturing customer data was simple enough. But we also wanted to help the client improve their customer relations overall.  

KIS saw an opportunity to drive sales, increase the data capture rate, and improve the day-to-day store operations.

Our solution? A Customer Relationship Management program built from the ground up with a supporting mobile app used by associates in the stores and a web admin panel.

Incentives, Incentives

When it came to data capture, we knew a CRM would only take the client so far. “You can ask customers for their information all day,” we told them. “But not many are going to give it to you without an incentive.”

To give the customers that incentive, we developed a loyalty program in partnership with some of the high-end brands featured at the client’s stores. This program would act as a funnel, to increase data capture, drive engagement, and help to build long-lasting relationships with customers.  

Improving the Day-to-Day Experience

Store associates needed an application they could access quickly and navigate with ease. That’s why we went with a mobile-based approach for the CRM app.  

Implementing the app on tablets would put everything at the associates’ fingertips, making it super simple to access and input customer data and sign them up for promotions like the loyalty rewards program.

The app would also allow associates to see a customer’s purchasing activity across stores, showing them information like a customer’s favorite products and styles, purchasing frequency, spending ranges, and other habits. With this information, the system could help associates personalize a customer’s in-store experience by making educated recommendations, reminding them of past purchases they may want to purchase again, suggesting gift ideas for loved ones, or simply establishing a rapport to make them feel more comfortable and welcome.  

Once a customer made a purchase, the app would send the associate a reminder to follow up by text or phone. These follow-ups included scripts associates could use to thank customers for their purchases and let them know about other products and promotions the store offered.  

Getting the Bigger Picture  

In addition to helping associates and collecting customer data, we wanted a quick and easy way to give managers and executives a macro-level view of customer activity across stores.  

We decided on an admin app with tiered access. From this app, associates could see reports from their store, and store managers could control associate access, while regional managers could generate reports from stores across their region and view analytics from the dashboard.

With this kind of information at their disposal, higher-ups could measure performance by individual associates, by each store, or even by stores across a given region. This kind of insight could play a huge role in making hiring decisions, as well as understanding why certain stores perform better than others and determining what actions should be taken to address underlying issues.

The admin app would also allow certain users to configure aspects of the loyalty program, including tiers, applicable products, and points.  

Technologies Used

  • Hybrid development framework so the mobile CRM app can be deployed to both iOS and Android devices
  • Java with Spring Boot for reliable and performatic APIs and backend jobs
  • Angular for a modular and easy to evolve web admin panel frontend

The Result

The client wanted a way to reliably capture consumer data. They needed an in-house solution, that was easy to use and easy to implement across their stores. KIS delivered that and more.  

Our mobile-based CRM provided associates with a simple and intuitive way to capture customer data and craft a unique consumer experience that drove engagement and increased sales.  

The loyalty rewards program was a huge hit, resulting in a data capture rate of up to 90% for brands that partnered with the program.  

This CRM is now used by 1,000+ associates from 400+ stores in 7 countries across Latin America, with 20-30k consumers registered each month.


There’s more to building a great CRM than simple data capture. By taking a business-first approach to the company’s tech issue, KIS delivered more than just an app, but a complete business process supported by technology that allowed the client to achieve their marketing and sales goals. Now the client not only has a clearer picture of customer activity at their stores, but they also have an effective way to build lasting relationships with customers and improve their business practices overall. That’s the difference KIS makes. ‍

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