improving human experience through technology

We solve complex business problems with tech solutions that work for you. Simple as that.

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KIS has delivered technology solutions for businesses in a variety of industries – and we’re always expanding.

who we are.

KIS Solutions is a technology consulting company based in the United States and Brazil, with clients all over the world.

We deliver and operate software systems for businesses of all sizes, from Fortune500 companies to large-scale startup operations.
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our success cases.

We thrive on creating business value through focused strategy, technology, and design. Browse our case studies from client projects to see what KIS can do for you.

a few nice words

Ben Quintana

CEO & Founder

“If I meet any random person in the United States there is a very high probability that they have in some way interacted with a piece of software that KIS has implemented.  This is not bragging, this is a simple statement of fact.

We have delivered mission critical systems for some very large customers. Millions of people interact with many of these systems on a regular basis, with large scale brands generating billions of transactions processed in some way by software we have delivered."

tech too complex?
it doesn't have to be.

There’s a big difference between tech that simply works and tech that works for you.
By assessing problems objectively and focusing on the user experience, we design our end-to-end tech solutions to suit your exact business needs.
No more bloated software or complicated UI’s. We keep it simple.

tech strategy & consulting.

Empowering companies, investing in IT, tech training, 
scalable squads, and delivering the right value.


Data migration, conversion, analysis and integration.

Database consolidation and management.

machine learning models.

Use AI algorithms and data to improve the accuracy of your analysis and make better predictions that impact the decision making processes.

web services development.

From discovery to delivery, we solve issues that go beyond the basics.

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