KIS enables International luxury brand to deploy tablet application at retail counter locations


A global retail luxury brand was looking to modernize and streamline an in-store CRM application at retail counter locations.  The aim of the project was to modernize an existing application, simplify the deployment requirements, and reach more counter locations allowing retail associates to capture and act upon valuable customer information.


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5 years


Mobile Development, UI Design, APIs

KIS Solutions was engaged to assist an enterprise client to modernize an in-store application for client data capture and CRM operations. Deployment deficiencies with the legacy application had all but halted deployment, and only approximately 75 stores out of 500 had access to the CRM application.

KIS reverse engineered the existing platform, documenting all existing use cases. KIS then conducted a series of usability workshops directly with end users. We solicited user input through the design and development phases, creating a custom tablet application with direct input from the end user community.

The initial development cycle took approximately 9 months, and the application has undergone several upgrades in the ~4 years that it has been in production.  

The final application is now deployed at some 500 counter locations in 4 countries with tablet and phone versions. Thousands of users access this application every day to help facilitate rich experiences with customers as they shop. In store associates are able to see and act upon customer historical data in realtime as customers shop at these stores. We have received countless feedback on how intuitive and easy to use the system is, and how it does “exactly what we want!”

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We strongly believe in working closely with the business user when designing new software. An iterative approach, working closely with the user results in “no surprises at the end”. This was a textbook example of how bringing in the “real users” can result in a system that “does what it is supposed to”.

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