building a complex simulation engine that raised internal team performance by 10x


KIS developed a complex pricing simulator to run scenarios to assist in the sales process for 1500 salespersons and 500 active users. Prior to automation the sales process required complicated spreadsheets and slow, manual calculations. The sales process was not scalable and was inhibiting the growth of an innovative energy startup.




1 Year


Angular, ML Models

KIS worked with the business partner to reverse engineer the logic and mathematics around the current spreadsheet based process. We then created a flexible simulator which could run a variety of pricing simulations in an efficient way.

We conducted a small beta test with some power users, and finally rolled out the platform to the entire sales team.

The pricing simulator is now live for all 1500 sales representatives, and is key to how this energy startup sells its product!

a few nice words

João Chencci

Project Lead

I spent days and nights thinking about complex math and simulation algorithms. It was so gratifying to deploy this for our client!

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