KIS partners with parking startup to deploy ground up new infrastructure


An innovative NYC based startup had a new idea, and was in need of an execution arm. The idea is to bring innovative new technologies to the under invested sector of parking and parking operations.




36 months used from discovery to delivery


angular, PHP, react

KIS partnered with this startup venture to take on full operations of their technology infrastructure and build out. Various new technologies we applied to the problem of streamlining and automating problems within the parking industry. KIS got involved with the idea at the ground floor, and established a 7+ year working partnership with the client.

This is a truly unique system, which involves both hardware and software. Various hardware IOT devices and edge computers are installed at garage locations. These devices track and automate “park and pay” flows at various client garage locations. Backend cloud APIs integrate with locally deployed hardware to enable aunique and new experience for our client’s customers.  The application stack also includes a mobile application, a rich customer facing mobile web application, IOT hardwareadapters, partner and internal portals and dashboards.

KIS is responsible for any and all IT operations for this innovative young company. Everything from business problem definition, technical design, development implementation, deployment, monitoring and support. Additionally KIS assisted the startup in their patent application process, and assisted the group in receiving multiple patents for many of the innovated new approaches that the company employs.


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This is one of our oldest clients and most interesting systems. Creating something from scratch is such a rare, exciting, and challenging opportunity! This project has been another one of those “once in a lifetime” experiences and we are so very grateful that we are a part of it!

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