quality assurance

QA Analyst

Our client is a multinational direct sales and network marketing company, with most of its products focused on home, beauty and wellness items and it is estimated that it has more than 3 million distributors. We are looking for a QA Analyst to work on our team supporting this client.


Full Time


Work Contract



What you'll do

- Understand business requirements;

- Improve requirements with suggestions and identifying open points;

- Propose and execute test cases to validate if a functionality matches its requirements;

- Have strong communication and partnership with your own team, with business stakeholders and other supporting development teams;

- Create documentation about requirements, test plans and test execution results for the internal team and business stakeholders.



- Experience working with software projects and understanding of the main concepts involved in them (API, database, back-end, front-end, cloud etc.);

- Experience in testing software products regardless of your position (as a quality analyst, as a developer, as a project manager etc.);

- Analytical thinking to break complex problems in small parts and solve each one of them;

- Good communication skills to understand and transmit complex ideas clearly and assertively in Portuguese and English;

- Advanced English (speaking and writing).


- Experience producing requirements or testing documentation for software projects;

- Contact with Postman;

- Contact with databases (knowing how to make a query, for example).


Other information

- Flexible work environment;

- Periodic feedback aiming at people's development and career growth;

- Competitive salary package

- Potential for international travel

- Full-time position with a legal entity contract (PJ)

Questions about joining our team?

remote/office work

We work in a 100% remote environment. Some teams enjoy meeting for work and to get to know each other. We have an office in Campinas that people can go to and spend time with other collaborators.

what does "flexible work" mean at KIS?

You can choose your work hours, as long as you meet your team and client's main meetings, cerimonies and deliveries. Apart from those ceremonies, you can choose how to distribute the remaining hours of your day. Just make sure you're communicating frequently and clearly.

how we keep our teams together

We have performance plans, feedback and follow-up sessions, social gatherings (online and offline) and laid-back events to keep the teams engaged and united.

how does our contract work?

Our contracts are based on Legal Person agreements (PJ in Brazil). Let us know if you need help explaining this contract model.

couldn’t find all the answers you need?

Contact our team and learn more about careers at KIS.