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People Operations Analyst

Our company is growing, and we are looking for someone to help us organize, develop and execute internal processes. You will be a central figure providing support to our internal team and help to take better care of our people.


Full Time


Work Contract



What you'll do

- Review and adopt existing People Operations processes, providing feedback and improvements based on your experience.  Key processes include: Employee onboarding, offboarding, feedback and evaluation processes, corporate communication.
- Run presentation and follow up meetings with our new hires in the Onboarding process. Being able to answer their questions and, most importantly, organize data to identify common feedbacks to think about improvements.
- Run Offboarding interviews with people that are leaving the company to extract common feedbacks, organize this data and think about improvements. The person is also going to be responsible to formalize all the notices via e-mail (or to make sure they are formalized in other cases).
- Participate in the execution and ongoing improvement of our Performance Evaluation process. The person is going to review and update the evaluation questions, define evaluation methodologies alongside with the team, run presentations, answer questions regarding the process, organize data for statistics, communicate compensations and help to follow up final feedbacks.
- Help to organize and execute a Competency Mapping process in the company. Starting by having clear job descriptions and to organize them into competencies alongside with the leaders later.
- Be responsible to execute our pre-established processes: organize travels to the office, manage off time requests, integration events, periodical check-ups, and others.
- Organize internal events for integration and knowledge transfer purposes.  
- Have periodic meetings with our management stakeholders and associates, asking questions about how the experience is going around motivation, career growth, support, and others. Again, the idea is to extract common feedbacks and think about improvements.
- Start being a central point of support around the company. The person will be responsible for supporting people who needs the People Team and escalate if necessary.
- Have a mindset of continuous improvement, always looking for ways to be more efficient or drive more operational excellence within the company.
- Execute Operational HR tasks.



- Knowledge on modern HR processes and theories

- Prior work experience running HR processes such as Onboarding, Offboarding, and Performance Evaluations

- Excellent verbal and written communication skills: able to provide constructive feedback when needed, deal with conflicts, and deal with sensitive situations

- Advanced English

- Highly motivated, and driven to accept new challenges

- Intermediate Knowledge on Excel

- Basic Knowledge on Microsoft Tools (Teams, Word, PowerPoint…)


- 2-5 years of experience in the area

- Knowledge on Feedback Techniques

- Knowledge on Competency Management

- Psychology or similar relevant Degree


Other informations

- Flexible work environment;

- Individual development plan with feedback routines, aiming at employee's growth;

- PJ Contract;

- Remote Work.

what it’s like to work with

people operations

at KIS:

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remote/office work

We work in a 100% remote environment. Some teams enjoy meeting for work and to get to know each other. We have an office in Campinas that people can go to and spend time with other collaborators.

what does "flexible work" mean at KIS?

You can choose your work hours, as long as you meet your team and client's main meetings, cerimonies and deliveries. Apart from those ceremonies, you can choose how to distribute the remaining hours of your day. Just make sure you're communicating frequently and clearly.

how we keep our teams together

We have performance plans, feedback and follow-up sessions, social gatherings (online and offline) and laid-back events to keep the teams engaged and united.

how does our contract work?

Our contracts are based on Legal Person agreements (PJ in Brazil). Let us know if you need help explaining this contract model.

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